ISMS Consultation

ISMS Consulting and Implementation
Information security management system is a tool to identify, manage and decrease the probability of threats that organizations face with, due to lose their data. These threats consist of: internal threats, external threats, Accidental threats, and threats of intentional and unintentional errors. Today, many organizations are losing business opportunities cause of losing their valuable information. The main aim of establishing this mechanism is to protect these opportunities. Great significance Information Security Management System (ISMS) is undeniable today. Therefore we obligate ourselves to spend more focus and ability on this system. The area also motivates us to offer our services more detailed and transparent.
Some of the benefits of implementing ISMS
• Establishment hospitalization to keep information accessibility features for authorized person
• Establishment hospitalization to keep information confidentiality
• Establishment hospitalization to maintain the integrity and accuracy of information and prevent disruptions by unauthorized persons
• Create the Business Continuity Plan
• Information security risk management within the system
• Create a mechanism to identify security incidents and manage them
• Enhance the security level of IT services through the design and implementation of Information Security Management System
• Enhance  the level of  security attention culture  within the organization
• Receive ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certification